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Dear Readers,

                  If you find the first few lines of this message to be too much for your patience, then please jump over to the few lines at the end where an offer waits

                 Our Equipments are designed and manufactured in our modern workshops scientifically, by highly qualified technical persons having vast research, teaching and fabrication experience in India and Abroad.

                 Our Units have won the recognition, approval and appreciation of many Principals Professors and P G Commission throughout India.

                 The conventional equipments confirm to the standard list and specifications recommended by All India Council for Technical Education, Government of India.

                Modern equipments and instruments are also added now and then when the need arises. It is precisely here that the readers' who has perhaps constructed a successful prototype or  confident of producing a reliable design, basing on his experience on equipments from advanced nations, is invited by us to make his educational aid available to the nation at large through us and benefited financially subjected to the conditions I force in their institutions. This is how the Technical Educational Institutions and the industry co-operate for their mutual benefit  in the advanced nations and this sort of consultancy is in the best interests of our nation. May we invite you, respected sir, to join our hands to market your ideas for progress. then you may contact the under signed.

Thanking you.

yours faithfully,




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